10 Online Jobs That Pay Weekly via PayPal

When talking about online jobs, there are end numbers of opportunities to consider. But choosing the right one is the tough part. Well, for those who believe that online earning is possible (and it really is), I have curated a few online jobs for you that pays weekly via PayPal. Your work is simple here, once you get into the company through an evaluation test. Just check the right one for you, which you believe that you are good at. For a decent earning, my recommendation is to signup not only for one company but for a few of them. So let’s, look into 10 legit Online Jobs that pays you weekly.

1. Cambly:

If you are someone who likes to teach, teaching English to people around the world can earn you good money. This is considered to be the easiest Online Job once you get into it. You can make your own hours of working for this company. Work as little or as much as you want. Whenever you have a free moment, you can log in and start taking calls within minutes. This company automatically tracks the time you tutor, once you start talking to students. The payout is $0.17 USD per minute ($10.20/hour). Your money is credited every Monday in your Paypal account. There are students from all around the world to learn English. In one hour of tutoring, you might meet a Brazilian, a Saudi, and a Russian. You’ll learn a lot about their cultures and languages too.

2. GO Transcript:

They have plenty of transcription jobs. You will always have something to transcribe on their website as they receive orders from the client every day. They hire worldwide, and the pay is up to $0.60 per audio minute. You can earn up to 1200$ a month. They have a weekly payment system. To start working for this Online Job, you need to have a good typing speed and good English.

3. The Content Authority:

This company pays you to write for them. To apply for the writer’s position, you should have the following skills (as written on their website)

  • You can read and comprehend English.
  • You can write formal articles using proper English grammar at a high school level.
  • You have the ability to do accurate research about a variety of topics dependent on the requirements of our clients.
  • You are able to follow the instructions of our clients as well as the requirements posted by The Content Authority.
  • You are capable and willing to write articles within specified deadlines.
  • You are able to be paid through PayPal.
  • You are willing to accept critiques about your work from both Clients and The Content Authority staff.

The payment is done only through PayPal In order to be compensated for work performed, each writer must have a PayPal account set up. Payments are made every Monday by 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. Writers must have a minimum of $25.00 approved articles to receive payment for the week.


4. Text Broker:

If writing is your passion, then Textbroker is another good place for you to consider as an Online Job. Since 2005, Textbroker is the leading provider of unique, custom content. You will have the freedom of flexible time management. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, Textbroker has the right project for every author. Of course, you need to go through a test in order to get work from them. You can request a payoff to your PayPal account once a week. The minimum threshold of withdrawal is $10. Payment is according to Order quality rating. Like if your work is rated as 2 stars, you will get 0.7 cents per word and if you are rated 5 then 5 cents per word. Authors must be at least 18 years of age and a citizen or permanent resident of the United States.

5. Scribie:

Unlike Go Transcript, they too offer a great opportunity to augment your income by transcribing. You need to go through a test process and get certified as a transcriber. Once certified you will be paid for the files you transcribe on an audio hour basis. For each submission, your Scribie.com account will be credited with the appropriate dollar amount. Payments are made once a day. They pay $5 to $25/audio hour.

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6. ListVerse:

You write your list (minimum 10 items per list), you send it in, they reply and say “Great—we’ll publish it” and send you $100 by PayPal; or they reply and say “Sorry—it isn’t the sort of thing our readers will love—give it another shot.” Just remember, your list should be at least one or two paragraphs per entry. You can choose any topic you like and link references if any. You don’t need to include images or videos along with the list you send. Before submitting your list make sure it is proof-read and edited. Lists that lack novelty are less likely to be accepted and all lists must conform to the highest standards of the English language.

As per their website, few rules must be followed:

  • Lists must be your own work
  • Must include 10 items
  • Lists should be roughly 1,800 words (including the introduction)
  • Include quality online sources (not Wikipedia or editable content) that verify facts for each item on your list
  • Don’t forget to read the entire Author’s guide before submitting

7. FocusGroup:

If you enjoy sharing your thoughts, views, and opinions openly and honestly, then Focus Group is a right place to start with. You need to participate and test new products, taste new snacks and beverages, watch new TV shows, take online surveys, and many more. Once you join, Focus Group, they will send invitations for upcoming studies. By participating in marketing research studies, you help to shape the future of the brands that you, your family, friends, and co-workers use every day.

Participation can take place in-person at one of their 19 research facilities, online, by mobile application, or by phone. Study include focus groups, online surveys, webcam interviews, telephone interviews, product tests, online communities, online reviews, and more.


8. Click Worker: 

Clickworker is always looking for Internet users worldwide who can, for example, create or correct texts, participate in surveys or search and categorize data for them. Signing for Clickworker is free of cost. You get the freedom of working independently and flexibility in your work schedule. All you need is a computer and/or a mobile device with an Internet connection.


9. Squadhelp:

If you are good at framing words and have good vocabulary skills, then Squadhelp is the right place for you to begin. New startups are looking for good names for their businesses. Squadhelp provides the platform and helps the startups finding the right names. They conduct contests for the name suggestion, tagline suggestions, and Logo design. You need to create your account as a Creative and start participating in the paid contests. Once you have won a contest, you will be paid the contest prize. Usually, the prize ranges from 100$ to 200$.


10. Rev:

Rev has online jobs for transcription, caption, and translation. It is rated over 4,300 reviews with 4.6-star ratings by the people working as a transcriber. One can earn up to an average of $245 per month and the top-earning is $1495. They pay via Paypal.


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