10 Small Business Ideas That Requires Little To No Investment

Before thinking of starting a business, ask yourself: Are you a person who can work hard? Are you a person who is up for a monetary risk? Are you good at managing things well? When the answer to the above question is a YES, then you should not delay in taking the risk and start your own business. You need to think smart and pick the right one for you. A business gives you the freedom, money, self-esteem, a brand name and most importantly the profit from your own passion. I have listed down 10 Small Business Ideas that requires little to no investment for you to select.

Small Business Ideas





This is an evergreen small business idea with very little cost. Tea is one of a basic necessity for most of us. I remember Gyani’s Tea Stall, right outside my college gate. His place never remains empty, even at the peak class hours. You can see many live examples in your city too. Choose a right location, just like Gyani did. Add varieties to your tea like Red Tea, Milk Tea, Tea with Ginger, Green Tea, Green Tea with Honey etc.

Tips To Success:
• Take your time choosing a right location.
• Focus on Quality.
• Add Varieties.


You can start your tiffin service with a very low investment. All you need to focus is the quality of the food and the targeted location (Unlike the tea stall). It is very demanding in areas near to offices and colleges. People staying on rents generally opt for tiffin services. You need to advertise your service by communicating with different people or may be in the local shop. Once people get your taste. You are sure to succeed. I have personally seen this business grow like anything.

Tiffin Service

Tips To Success:
• Good Quality Food.
• On time delivery.
• Change in the menu.
• Online Presence.


You don’t need any skills to sell products at home. If you know how to use Instagram or Facebook that is all. You need to plan properly. First, decide to whom to sell your products. Then what kind of product you can sell to them. How many people are in need of that product? Once you get all your answers ready, search for markets where you could get that product at a wholesale rate. I am sure every city has a wholesale market. Later once you grow, you can search for the manufacturer where you could get at a cheaper rate than the wholesale rate.

Now, you can either build a website to sell your products (which needs little investment) or you can sell through Instagram and Facebook. Selling through Instagram and Facebook requires no extra cost. Build a page and start promoting.

Another great thing you can do once you get little profit is to sell through Amazon and other online B2B companies.

Check more online earning strategy.

Tips To Success:
• Select Quality Products
• Maintain on-time delivery.
• Good interaction with customers
• Click beautiful pictures of the products
• More promotions.


Do you have any extra room at your house? If yes, then this is a very lucrative business you can start. If you are a house owner and have a vacant room, you can advertise for a single occupancy in your other room. It has a good demand in places near schools, colleges, and offices. One important thing you need to take care is to verify all the documents of the person whom you will accommodate.

Paying Guest

Tips To Success:
• Advertise your Room well with pictures.
• Provide all possible details about yourself.
• Include food facility.


Are you interested in Real Estate? This is an amazing small business idea. To be Broker Dealer you need no experience. What you can do is list down all the flats and apartment that are on rent in places near to you. There are various online companies where people can search for rooms to stay on rent or even buy. Your work is to list down all the available spaces and contact the owner.

Here you will work as a middleman. You will help the people getting a room or an apartment in return of a commission. This commission can be earned from either way (from the tenants or the owner). Make a deal with the owner of the house that you will bring them tenants in return for a commission. This is a very demanding business in the metro cities. People from all around the globe come to work. They need a place to stay. The Real Estate Broker helps them to get the room.

Tips To Success:
• Collect more data on the houses or apartments that are to be rented.
• Communicate nicely with both the customer and the owner.
• Collect as much information from the owner (rules and regulation to be maintained)
• Online Presence


This is another profitable business you can start without any investment. You might have seen these water jars/cans at your office, canteen, restaurants, shops, at you own home even. This is our daily need.

Check out for the place where these jars/water cans are filled. You can get this information with a little chit-chat from the people who deliver this water jars. You know at what rate you buy this. Now visit that place where these are filled. You will get that at a much cheaper rate. Now contact any office or few houses in your locality, or shop that you have a water supply business. Start delivering them.

Tips To Success:
• Faster delivery
• Online interaction
• Advertise in different places.


It is one of the most trending and profitable business in today’s time. You need to be certified as a fitness trainer under some reputed fitness centers to get into this business. Without this certification, people are less likely to trust you. But once you have it, it’s all yours. When you eventually grow, you can even build your own fitness center and train other people to provide personal training.

Tips To Success:
• Get certification from Reputed Fitness Centres Only
• Show Online Presence
• Build your physic (no one would like to be trained under a fat trainer)



This is another trending small business idea, one can choose from. If you have good photography skills, you are good to go. A good editing skill is an added benefit, off-course. Yes, you need a good camera for in order to start this business. But, if you do not have one, you can hire. There are many places where you get to hire cameras for a day or two.

Another challenge you will face is while getting your clients. For that, you need to capture some eye-catching pictures and upload them to your Facebook or Instagram page and start promoting more.

Tips To Success:
• Good Editing
• Spend more time Promoting
• Tie up with Event Management Groups.


If you are someone who loves to know about the history of a place and enjoys sharing with others, then this is a great small business idea to start with. It needs no investment. Off-course! you need to communicate nicely with your client if you wish to get more people to come to you. Gain as much knowledge of the place and ask them for a feedback after the tour. You can also ask them to refer you to others.

Tips To Success:
• Good Communication.
• Learn as many languages you can.
• Ask to refer you to other people.


Private tutoring is a very profitable small business idea. You can start it right away if you are good at any subject. Students are looking for private tutors on a subject they are weak at. There are even many online opportunities where companies hire tutors to teach their students. You can start this business at your locality where people are searching for good private tutors to provide their children with a better knowledge of any subjects.

Tips To Success:
• More advertisements.
• Good behavior with Students and Parents.
• Gain knowledge of more Subjects.

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