5 Quick Ways To Earn Money Online

This is a guest blog post by Katie from www.studentskint.com. Her blog is aimed at helping students and young adults to make money, save money and enjoy life on a budget.

Hi everyone, Katie here. Thank you to Dipom for letting me guest post on mostlyjobless.com, I’m so excited to share my tips on 5 quick ways to earn money online with you!

Let me start off by stating – these methods won’t make you rich and you certainly shouldn’t quit your job tomorrow to do these instead. They will enable you to boost your income each week/month, allowing you to buy a special something or increase your savings. I have been doing some of these things for varied amounts of time and I would never recommend anything on my blog or on someone else’s blog that doesn’t genuinely work.

With that said, let’s get into the 5 quick ways to earn money online:



This one seems really simple but so many people overlook the idea of selling their things. Making money from your unwanted things is an easy and quick way to boost your income because you can put things up for sale instantly. Depending on what platform you advertise it on and depending on the demand, it can potentially sell within minutes! Remember to advertise items on multiple sites/apps to increase the chance of someone buying it.

I’ve found that for a quick sale, Facebook Marketplace is the best option because you’re selling to local people who can pick up and pay for your item usually that same day. You’ll need to do some research on what sells where. By this I mean to find out which items are more likely to sell on which platforms. For example, Facebook Marketplace is great for household items and furniture because people in your local area are likely to want it. eBay is usually better for clothes and shoes as you’re reaching a larger audience who are looking for those items.



Yes, you read that correctly. You can earn money online by scanning your receipts into an app called Shoppix. How many times have you thrown receipts in the bin after getting them, thinking they’re useless?

I have a whole blog post on Shoppix and how it works if you’re interested. Stop throwing your receipts away and start making money from them! Collect ‘Tokens’ for your receipts which turns into real money in the form of:

  • Amazon gift cards
  • iTunes gift cards
  • Love2Shop gift cards
  • Paypal money



If you have a service to offer people, why not offer it? Websites such as Fiverr and People Per Hour enable you to sell your skills. This is a fantastic way for graphic designers, copywriters, marketing people and others to sell their skills to people who may need the help.

Not only does this make you some extra money, it gives you practice and allows you to add to your portfolio which you can pitch to other people or potential employers. If you do a great job, you might even be asked to help out over and over again.



Dipom has an entire blog post outlining how to make money by testing websites and applications which you should definitely check out. He tells you some of the best testing platforms out there for you to try.

Not only does this help the company who is asking for testers, it’s also great for you because you get to try out so many new apps and visit websites that you usually might not have clicked on.

Being exposed to all types of content is key to success.

You need to understand what’s going on in your market and other markets in order to adapt and remain competitive.



Last but not least, blogging!

You can blog about pretty much anything these days. And I’m sure you have some sort of skill or interest that you can share with people, so why not monetize it?

There are so many great blogs about blogging, videos, and courses that you can do in order to successfully set up a blog so that it can be monetized. It’s one of those ‘the more you put in, the more you’ll get out things.’ You need to promote and work on your blog regularly to drive substantial traffic to your site.

A lot of people now make several times their old annual salary and were able to leave their full-time job to do blogging instead (using affiliates and getting sponsorships). This can become an incredibly successful side hustle or eventually replace your income.


I hope the 5 quick ways to earn money online that I’ve discussed above are helpful and allow you to boost your income. The methods I’ve shared are suitable for anyone – students, young adults, part-time workers, full-time workers, parents, and pensioners. You don’t need a huge amount of time on your hands to do these things although like I said, for blogging especially, the effort you put in will reflect what you get out.

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