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Hello Readers!

I’m MOSTLYJOBLESS (well, almost!!!) and welcome to my blog. Before we start, let me give you a little intro about myself. Shall we?


Well, my parents named me Dipom (Voila!!! Now you know the secret 😛 ). I’m an engineer by qualification, like half the country. I have served in an MNC for 6 years. But my heart and soul were somewhere else. I always wanted to live my life on my own terms and not be bounded to restrictions. But I was clueless about what to do now.


Then I realised, the one thing I was really good at, GOOGLE”!! I started reading articles on how to earn money online. I was not sure that this was even possible. So after series of trials and errors, failures and successes, some more knowledge gathering and sharing, I figured out a few legit ways to have money flowing into my bank account. So now I’m gonna share those with you. You ask why? Well, the knowledge shared is knowledge gained. That’s how it works. Isn’t it?


Well, I have quit my job and now I have devoted my entire time working on things that I love and always wanted to while working full time from home. I can now enjoy time with my family, going on trips, while earning on the go. I believe there are many like me who dream of having a life where they are the boss of their own. So be with me on my journey as I share about the secrets and unknown facts of how to earn money while being at home, while I try dreadfully to humor you along the journey, or maybe not.


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