Email Marketing: The key to Success for your Business

The red “Letter Box” that we saw at every street corner is now conspicuously missing, it is just one of many items that have become obsolete, in our modern tech-driven society. Letter writing in its traditional form is taking a back burner and writing emails when you need to express yourself is the norm today. Digital marketers have taken email marketing like a duck takes to water. This is because they have realized the massive potential it has and the results it could deliver.

It is one of the cheapest marketing tools which can be effectively employed to bring extremely positive results at negligible cost if you get your strategy right. It is researched and found that 98% of emails received are checked by the recipients on a daily basis, which is a very potent advantage that emails carry.

There are so many possibilities and identifying the appropriate strategies that would work for you would need some serious thought.

It is envisaged by digital marketers that email marketing would be used extensively in the years to come. It has already been proved that it is extremely successful, as well as a cost-effective medium.

Email marketing is effective but finding the right mix is what would bring you results and propel your business to the success that you desire.

If you are contemplating using email marketing to improve your business it is imperative that you know what would work for you and bring you best results.

We take a look at SIX effective ways where you could improve and grow your business employing the “Power of Email Marketing”.


The Importance and Power of Email Marketing for your Business


Convert visitors to your site into customers

Creating an impressive website and launching it is every entrepreneur’s dream. But the buck does not stop there, as you need to be easily visible to your prospective customers.

Your website might attract a few visitors daily. But if you are to be successful you should have customers coming to your website in droves. This is where your email marketing strategy would be effective by widening your email list with all visitors coming to your website and engaging with you and signing up to hear what you have to say.

A sign-up form would provide you access to them and when you have something interesting to apprise them they would revert to you when their need to buy is created.

You can create your own sign-up form at:

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No Website, enhance and connect with customers

Even if you don’t have a website that is alive and kicking, you could still enhance your customer email list on a regular basis. You could use the power of email marketing to be connected with your customers at all times by downloading a sign-up form app, onto your mobile device and use email to share information.

Provide information and generate interest among your prospective customers. You can do this by asking them to sign up for more and enhance your email list and keep it growing always.

Maintain your presence by being online and create a dedicated landing page and provide optimum information about your business and get them to sign up with you for more.


Increase awareness of your brand

An inherent human trait is to share what is interesting with others. This is especially with family, friends, and colleagues. This happens by forwarding an email that they received.

If your emails are interesting, those on your email list are sure to share it with others and if you get them to sign up to your email and through it, your customer base would also widen.

Make your content interesting, readable and informative which would make your visitors to share it with others who would also engage with you if they like to receive your emails.


Improve content and direct traffic to your site

Your emails whilst being interesting in content must also have a “call to action” where they would like to hear more of what you have to say. Ensure that you feed them informative content which would keep them interested in what you have to say or what you have to sell and what advantage they would get.

When the time comes for them to buy they would first come to you. This is because they know that you have something interesting always from where they could start their quest to buy.

To build your customer’s interest you would need to update content and ensure that you maintain the same momentum of interest at all times.


Promote products and services to Improve Sales

Promote products and services through your emails. And if you are running a campaign ensure that it has a time limit. Focus that the email for your customers is to engage with you and buy the product or service.

They should be given an incentive to engage. It should be attractive enough for them to click and engage with, without moving away to another email.

Keep them interested and ensure that what they are being offered is advantageous to them. This is because, only then would they contemplate, and that is under a few seconds.


Improve and Secure Customer Loyalty and Trust

Let your prospective customers know what others who have engaged with you and bought your products or services think of you. Get your customer’s permission and show what they have to say to your prospective ones. And when they know you have satisfied customers who have engaged with you they would do too.

New customers would be apprehensive to engage with businesses they have not engage with. They would look at what others have to say.

Build trust with all customers that you have served before as they are your best marketing medium. And once you have more satisfied customers your new ones would not hesitate to engage with you.

Trust is the core of any business and you need to earn, however entertaining or interesting your emails may be.


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