Make Money Online By Testing Websites and Applications.

Are you looking to earn few extra cash working from home? Do you know that you could Make Money Online By Testing Websites and Applications? Take a look at the crowdsourced testing platforms available out there on the internet where you can earn up to 20 to 30 $ an hour. Here are some of the best-crowdsourced testing websites that are available for you to try out. You just need to Sign Up as a Tester, pass the evaluation exam and start working on paid projects. Your work will be to test a website or an app and report bugs. Before that, I would recommend you to sign up for a Paypal account (Create a PayPal Account Here).

Make Money Online By Testing Websites and Applications.



Testerwork can be considered as one of the most popular crowdsourced testing websites available for you to consider. It has got more than 20,000 testers at the moment. This website provides both apps as well as websites for you to test. You are also provided with the ability to accept work based on your free time. Payout ranges from 2$ to 12$ per bug. Also, there are some special projects that you will be invited to, based on your location. Those projects range from 15$ per hour to 45$ per hour.


TEST.IO is one of the recently released platforms where people can access to make money online by testing websites and applications. I personally recommend this to start with as they have the maximum number of works available. You will have to test these apps on your own devices and look for bugs. Many different types of testing are available on this site. They include functional testing, beta testing, load testing, and exploratory testing. Payout ranges from 3 Euro to 15 Euro per valid bug.


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Bugfinders can be considered as a comprehensive website available for the people to test website and applications on various devices. You can either sign up as a Functional Tester or a Security Tester. With this website, you will be able to test apps and websites that belong to many different sectors such as transportation and healthcare. Hence, you can select any preferred sector and test for an app or website. The payout for the projects ranges from 5 GBP to 30 GBP per valid bug.


When you are testing on User Testing, you will be asked to create videos to demonstrate your experience with the websites or apps that you test. Therefore, you need to be ready to create videos in order to test the apps or websites through this website in order to start making money.


TryMyUI can is a website, which allows people to test user interfaces. You will be able to access this platform and test the user interfaces of websites as well as mobile apps. If you find it as a difficult task to access the functionalities available in the user interface, you will have to go ahead and report them as bugs.


The key objective of Testing Time is to let people take part in both qualitative as well as quantitative studies. After the studies, you can come up with your recommendations and the website will accommodate them as feedback. Then your feedback will be incorporated in order to make the websites and apps better.

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Uber Testers is a comprehensive mobile app testing solution. If you want to test mobile apps end to end, you are encouraged to go ahead and get your hands on this tool. One of the most innovative concepts that you will be able to discover in Uber Testers is group testing. You can become a part of a team and take part in alpha testing as well as beta testing.



Utest provides crowdsourced testing capabilities along with some specific tools. These testing tools include Apache JMeter, Snagit, Sublime Text, Tellurium, and qTest. If you are a person who has experience with these tools, you can go ahead and use this platform. It can provide amazing payouts to you as well.



We-test focuses on many different aspects of testing. They include usability testing, functional testing, performance testing, and load testing. Hence, you will be able to test the apps and websites from different perspectives with the help of We-test. The number of projects that you accept for testing can be selected based on your availability.



Passbrains offers plenty of opportunities for the individuals who are willing to become crowdsourced testers. However, you will have to go through a complex sign up process in order to sign up for the website and start testing. However, the hassle you go through to get the job done is totally worth when compared to the results that you will be able to receive in the long run.



Any person can become a tester with the help of Nest.testbirds. All you need to be equipped with is a device, which can be connected to the internet. In other words, you can use only your mobile phone for testing purposes on this site. The website also shares knowledge on testing with the users. Hence, you can sing up with Nest.testbirds without any knowledge and they will assist you to get to know the basics. Due to this reason, this platform can be recommended to any person who doesn’t have previous experience with testing.



Enrollapp provides some exciting testing projects to you. You will be impressed because of the nature of projects that you are provided with for testing purposes. However, it is important to keep in mind that this website provides complete projects for you to test. The scale of the testing projects is relatively high and you will have to put a lot of time as well as effort in order to complete the tests.



Userlytics focuses on testing the user experience aspect of websites as well as mobile apps. If you are into user experience testing, you are encouraged to go forward with Userlytics. The projects available for you to test in Userlytics are somewhat simple. However, you should get into the shoes of a real user and test the projects that you are provided on the site.



Usability also focuses on testing the usability aspect of the websites. If you find that a specific feature provided to you by a website is not working, you will have to escalate it as a usability bug. Then the developers will attend to it. The projects available for you to test on the website are somewhat simple and easy to complete as well. Hence, it is a great opportunity available for you to make money in your spare time.


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