Smart Ideas To Earn a Passive Income.

You may be a very busy bee and have to work hard to make ends meet. But still, the ends may not be always meeting at the end of the month. This could be a recurring issue month after month. And a few extra dollars could go a long way is what you would think. If you think smartly you could not only make those ends meet but also ensure a regular Passive Income or a substantial retirement benefit which would boost your monthly coffers or a comfortable retirement.

Passive Income is where you earn money without being actively involved in its activities and spending time on it. The earnings flow in oblivious to what you may do in your day to day affairs. But keeping a tab on what is happening just to be informed, that all is well and it is doing what it is expected to do.

The idea should be not to put all your eggs in one basket but to spread it out to many sources as possible. This would not only lessen your risk, it would also ensure that you would receive passive income from many different sources.

If you have a good credit rating it would be easier for you. You may then be able to turn tides and ensure you have a secure income at the end of the day when you retire.

We have found five smart ideas where you could earn some passive income whilst going about your normal chores.


Smart Ideas To Earn a Passive Income


Real Estate investments

One of the best investments around, it would earn a passive income whilst letting you make a kill when the time comes for you to retire.

There would be some initial paperwork that you may have to attend and once you have found the property that you think would be ideal go ahead and sign on the dotted line.

Some inputs from a reputed real estate agent who would administer the property for a professional fee, generally around 10% of the rent or lease, without any involvement from you. The fee would come off your passive income but you would leave all the nitty-gritty for the agent to handle whilst you sit back and enjoy what little comes your way. The rent received less the agent’s fee, would pay off the mortgage and also a part left aside for maintenance of the property. You may receive a meager amount but don’t forget that your property is appreciating every day without you lifting a finger.

Once the rent has paid off the mortgage and the agent has been paid off, the property is yours to make the kill.

Property prices are ever increasing and at the time you retire you would have an investment that would keep you comfortable for the rest of your life.



Any person will be able to create a passive income with the help of blogging. You don’t need to be an expert in anything to start your own blog. You just need to go ahead and start the blog based on your interests. Then you can share your knowledge or experience through the blog. When your blog is attracting more traffic, you will find it as an easy task to generate a decent amount of money.


Climb Onboard The Lending Club

This is a passive income which is lending money to others at interest rates higher than conventional lending institutions. The interest rates you would receive could be anything around 10% per annum. This is much higher than what you would get by investing in government treasury bills or bonds.

There is a risk factor but it is peer to peer lending through an elaborate system. Even if you invest $10,000 the monies are divided among many. Your money by being divided the risk is less. Hence even if a borrower defaults the amount of bad debt it would also be divided among many investors, with none taking all.

The returns would be paid to you as specified and would be managed by professionals. They would ensure that all investors are safe.


Capture photos that earn you money

There are many websites that pay you for your photos if they are used by others in their line of work. You need to click and then post them on the websites you would like. And every time one of your photos is used you get a professional fee.

This is one of the best passive income with no hassle. But you need to capture some great photos which would meet the eye of those who want them.

Your photos could be used as many times over if it would meet the expectations of the user. And every time they do so, you would be paid automatically.


Silent Business Partner

There are many small and medium businesses that need some capital infusion. You could select a successful one and extend the capital they need.

Instead of receiving an interest in the capital provided you could negotiate an equity position. This is where you become a partner for the amount that you have invested.

The original entrepreneur would run the business and you would stand to receive a percentage of the profits. You would also have access to the happenings in the business. Isn’t it cool? You lay back and collect on your equity without any inputs from you.

You need not have any expertise in the business. The owner would have all and with the least involvement you could rake in a part of the profits.


Create a YouTube clip

You may be an amateur but there would be times that you may get the opportunity to record something special on your smartphone.

An incident only you would have seen which would be that special. It would be imperative to create immense interest in the public domain. You could spend some time and do a video yourself of an idea that you may have. But this should be interesting to the beholder.

Post it on the YouTube platform. Every time someone watches it, you get paid which could go on as long as it takes. You get paid for the ads that are shown up in that video.

When people watch it online the more the monies will come to you. And your efforts would have been only the initial time that you spent and nothing else.


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