Which Is Better: A Job Or A Business?

Every individual has their own perception to think whether to go for a job or a business. 

Before going deep into the topic, let me tell you my story.

After my college, I went for a job (unlike most of us do). After 3 years of experience, I started to realize and visualize things in a different way and wanted to go for a business. I wanted to open a restaurant in my name.  But I had no idea how to start and where to start. I collected as many information as I could from the internet and started with my first business (A food Truck) in front of a Shopping Mall. People were very excited to see something new. The food was good too. We started growing.

Gradually, my office work pressure started increasing and I started giving less time to my business. Lately, I completely relied on the persons who were operating the food truck.  Ultimately my profit lowered down and had to close down the business.

This taught me a lesson that if your vision is clear and your idea has a good potential, you are sure to succeed provided you work hard only on that idea. Had I quit my job then and start focusing on my business it would have grown much bigger by now.  But it’s never too late.

I at least got to know what is good for me a job or a business.  I quit my job and started with another business.

The whole point of telling you my story is “If you stop Focusing on other people’s life you’ll have more time to fix your own life.” So beautifully quoted by Soyna Parker. So by doing a job, I was basically focusing on other people’s life.

So ask yourself what kind of a person you are. Are you a person who is happy with the salary that gets credited by the end of each month or you want more money? Are you someone who is happy with just the weekend holidays or you want more freedom in your life? Are you someone who is not good at managing things or you manage things well? Once you distinguish yourself with the answers, you can wisely choose anyone between a job and a business.

Let me describe the difference between the two in more details.


People with a Job in mind:

What we do normally?

Once we grow up, we get a degree, get a job, and switch to another company for a better job and then the process goes on. I am not addressing this to be wrong. This is perfectly fine for those people who want to live a normal life and not to take any risk in thy life. Normal life in the sense, work within a time constraint, a fixed salary, freedom limitation to only weekends, only do things that you are asked to do. No doubt, your life would be secured.

One thing you need to keep in mind in order to survive well in a job is that you need to upgrade yourself along with the latest technology. According to research, by 2030 more than 50% of the repetitive jobs will be performed by robots. So if you are a person doing the same repetitive task, it’s time to upgrade yourself to some new technologies. Jobs with the same repetitive work as the work of a data collector, a receptionist, and manual tester are many more are likely to be replaced by robots. In America, the technology of a driverless car has already been implemented. Hence, possibilities are there that a job of a driver is also in danger. 

Technology is evolving very fast. So a person with a job mindset should move on with this evolving technology.

People with Business in mind:

There are various opportunities in this world to earn money apart from doing a job. Start building your own business, a brand of your name. Yes, it does sound cool. No? But before moving a step further towards business you should be very clear with your vision. You should have a very strong feeling for whatever business you are planning for. And, off-course! You should work very hard.

Businesses are not like a job, although you would have to work here. Here you would have to work for yourself. Hence, your work would be 10 times more than you do in a job.


If your business clicks, you could hit the moon else bite the dust. So always think well and plan well before starting a business. Try to think of a business that could help others. Then you are sure to succeed.

Never start a business because you want more money, more freedom, a brand name. First, take your time understanding yourself. Ask yourself if you are ready for a big challenge.

The benefits of a business are many, but only if it is a success. It would give you a daily increment and ultimately make more money every day. You could provide a job to other people and help the economy of the country grow. 

So, it is very important to ask yourself if you are a Job person or a Business person. Undoubtedly, businesses give you more freedom, money, fame, everything. But in order to get that, you should have a very clear vision, a lot of planning, hard work & dedication.

Plan wisely and let me know in the comment section below, what is good for you. A job or a business?

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