Why Is WordPress The Best Blogging Platform ?

WordPress was introduced in 2003 and now it has become a major CMS in the present world. It is also known as the most popular Blogging software available on the market. The unique and interesting features of WordPress have played an important role in its popularity. This article will let you know why WordPress is known as the Best Blogging Platform and CMS in the present world.

WordPress is equipped with a user-friendly interface and you can easily operate it according to the way you want. You can use WordPress to create your own website or blog even if you are not a professional web designer. You can update the blog or website on a regular basis by adding new posts, images, and blog posts easily. WordPress is a browser-based platform. Therefore you can operate it from any computer that is powered by an Internet connection. As mentioned earlier, WordPress has a user-friendly interface that does not involve PHP, HTML or CSS coding. The interactive menus and plugins will assist you to control the website or blog. A large number of themes that belong to different categories are available for the WordPress users to enhance the look of their website. You can go through these themes and pick the perfect one that blends well with the niche.



Why Is WordPress The Best Blogging Platform?

From the researchers, it has been identified that more than 80 percent of the visitors who are coming to a particular website comes from search engine results. If you are looking for a convenient option to rank high in search engine results, WordPress is the perfect solution. All the leading search engines love WordPress because it has a clean and a simple environment. This makes it easy for the search engines to index a website in their search engine results. Moreover, all the pages, posts, and images can have their own Meta tag keywords, title, and description. People who are willing to do more SEO work prefer these Meta tags.

All the WordPress users will get the opportunity to gain more control over their website. You don’t need to get the assistance of a web developer to add or modify the content, because the user-friendly interface assists you to do them on your own. The WordPress designs are completely customizable according to your needs and requirements. This will assist you to have a unique website with less hassle.

WordPress was initially created as a blogging platform. Therefore, you can experience all the blogging features in here. The blog is built-in and it is ready to go. Thousands of plugins are also available to WordPress users and you can use them to add social media sharing options, video galleries, event calendars and many other things to your blog within seconds. WordPress allows multiple users to control one website or blog. The administrator can create accounts for multiple users and give them the ability to manage your website. When considered in general, WordPress can be considered as the best CMS and blogging platform available to the people in the modern world.

WordPress can be considered as an excellent platform available out there for the business owners to create a small website. This content management service is used by millions of business owners who live in every corner of the world. According to statistical information, over 400 million websites out there are powered by WordPress and over 100 million of them are based in the United States. These facts clearly show the significance of WordPress as a content management service.

What are the reasons that make WordPress an ideal platform available out there for the business owners?


Extremely user-friendly

A few years ago, almost all the websites on Internet were created and maintained by professional website designers. As a result, business owners had to spend a huge amount of money when they wanted to have a website on their own. WordPress helped them to create their own websites with minimum hassle. You don’t need to know the web developing languages such as HTML, CSS or PHP in order to create a WordPress based website. You can easily learn the basics of WordPress and use that knowledge to create a fascinating website for your business.

Can do virtually anything –

WordPress can be considered as the most flexible and powerful personal publishing platform available for the modern world business owners. You can easily enhance its functionality according to your specific needs and requirements. In other words, WordPress can help any type of a business owner to create a website. For example, WordPress can be used to create an e-commerce website, portfolio website, email marketing website, social media network or for event scheduling purposes.

You are in control –

If you decide to create a Go Daddy website using Website tonight, you will need to stick to their hosting plans. The same applies to other popular web developing services like Hubspot as well. However, all the people who create websites with WordPress are in control. For example, all the people who create WordPress websites with Go Daddy can transfer it to another hosting plan at a later stage without any fuss.

Offers professional help –

You can find thousands of web designers and developers who are experts in WordPress. Therefore, you can think of creating your own website with WordPress without any doubt on the mind. If you want to add a new functionality to your website, but don’t have a clear understanding of how to do it, you can think of getting the help of those experts. These services are available to you at affordable prices and you don’t need to worry about anything.

Always evolving –

WordPress is a platform that is updated on a regular basis. All these updates come along with enhanced functionalities that can assist you to stay in touch with the latest technologies. In addition, WordPress is an open source platform and thousands of web developers are working hard to bring new updates to the users.


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