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I was thinking of many of my beloved readers who are extremely talented, as well as creative and looking for jobs which are not always bossing them up at all. So here we are the mostlyjobless team, come here to guide y’all as well as give you the glimpse of online job opportunities, they are mostly known as work from home jobs or remote working in which an employee works mainly from home and communicates with the company by email or telephone.

Management believes every person should live their life with a balance and work with their own terms and policy by not following others and being a puppet. So before y’all just dig into the online jobs, here are some major things everyone should know about online jobs. And here we go. We will get into details about:

  1. How remote work has evolved?
  2. What is the future holds of WORK FROM HOME jobs?
  3. What are the advantages of working from home for individuals as well as for the organization?
  4. Where to find online job?


Work From Home Job


There was a time when working from home as the modern workforce knows it wasn’t even a possibility. If your colleagues and business partners wanted to get in touch with you when you were out of office, they couldn’t email, text or instant message you. You would’ve needed to provide an alternate phone number (or pager or fax number) and communicate that way. And full-time “remote” positions were different from what they are today.

”Ten years ago, remote employment basically meant a telemarketing or customer service position at below minimum wage,” said Samantha Lambert, director of human resources at website design company Blue Fountain Media.

So there are many debates going on about work from home or remote working. Without wasting much time into the history of it let’s just jump into the major part of it.



There is a new term has been arrived in the urban dictionary, named as work from home. It’s become a hot phrase for urban professionals not only in India but across the globe. Reason behind of getting famous, is its work flexibility. We know many household women have been looking for jobs to start their career. But because of their personal spaces they aren’t able to. So the women empowerment holding a great position in our society. They changed the whole scenario as well as dominance the major part of it. Now every woman can give their career a chance by doing nothing, but giving a sufficient amount of time to the online jobs. They can sway their lives on their own terms. We will come to this part with another article for sure.

According to THE HINDU Business Line research, around 58% office goers in India work remotely at least once a week. It has been indicated that flexible workplace has reached a tipping point, says report.

IWG, the parent group of leading workspace companies including Regus and Spaces, said in India more than half (53%) work remotely for the half of the week or more, while more than one in 10 (11%) people work outside of their company’s main office location five times a week.

The survey highlighted that 40% Indian professionals believed that their companies are wasting significant amounts of money through underused office space.

Moreover, 95% believe flexible working helps their business grow by enabling employees to be more productive while on the move. The flexibility also allows companies to attract more talent than the regular offices.

The IWG survey found that the flexible working not only reduces commuting time, but enhances productivity, staff retention, job satisfaction and even creativity. This is in addition to the financial and strategic advantages that it brings for businesses.

“For generations, the world has understood office-based work to involve a fixed location and a 9-5 schedule. But an unprecedented number of business are now adopting a very different working model, which produces benefits for them and their workers”, said Mark Dixon, Founder and CEO of IWG.

One day soon, flexible working could simply be known as “working” we are reaching the tipping point, it added.



Many people nowadays are familiar with this word “working from home”. So everybody wants a flexible working hour by not paying too much attention in the office spaces. Because of remote working you can switch your valuable time to make balance in your work and your personal space at the same time.

So there are some advantages of remote working which will make individuals working schedule with full of bliss, and they are –

Flexible working hour: Nowadays in everyone’s busy schedule by working hour to hour in the office space make individuals petulant and resentful to give some extra time for their family. This becomes a biggest problem in every household. But in the work from home jobs this does not happen. You can pay enough attention to your family and your work both. Many working mothers is able to balance their life from this remote working. Because of flexible working hours, they can easily make time to take care their children and boost up their careers as well.

Easier than ever: You can be connected to the office every minute of every day if you want to, thanks to the internet. The concept of working from home might have seemed outlandish 20 years ago, but this is the 21st century. You can find access to Wi-Fi almost anywhere, and tools like Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. make remote communication a breeze.

Make you more productive: One Stanford study found that employees who work from home are 13 % more productive compared with their in office counterparts.

Make you happier person inside and out: Many people wouldn’t know that the work from home make employees’ happier person from inside and out, because they work on their own comfort zone which makes them way more productive. Everyone seems to be talking about work-life balance these days. There’s no better way to improve the work-life balance to let everyone work from home, whenever they want.

Save some time to travel: Everyone needs a jiffy to rejuvenate themselves by travelling with their friends, family or alone time to soothes their mind and soul for preparing themselves to face new challenges in life. But nowadays in everyone’s busy working schedule people don’t have much time even for themselves. So, expecting time from them is beyond expectation, isn’t it? But, working from home could make life healthy, wealthy and save some worthy time to travel.



There are various companies that are looking for online workers. Of course there are some fake companies too. Unless and until a company doesn’t demand any money upfront, you are okay to register for it. Make sure to check the review of the company first is you are unknown to it.

Here’s is list of few genuine companies that provide work from home jobs. I’ve been working since more than 6 years for few of these companies. Check the list and apply accordingly to your interest:

APPEN, TEST.IO, TESTERWORK, FIVERR, UPWORK, HIEDOX, GURU etc. We’ve written many detailed blog. Few are:



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